Compact unit for connection to an external computer

Outstanding performance. Flexible. Modular.

The Doppler-BoxX hardware concept with connection option to all standard Windows-based computer systems allows completely flexible and space-saving use.


The application areas of the Doppler-BoxX range from routine examinations of cerebral blood circulation through continuous monitoring all the way to the identification and detection of emboli. Additional software modules for functional tests such as CO2/VMR or Evoke Flow to carry out cerebral autoregulation examinations are available options.


For the use of TCD in the ICU, special features are offered by the Doppler-BoxX on iCart. The Doppler-BoxX on the iCart offers special hospital settings for the use TCD, e.g., for NCC, TBI and vasospasm diagnostics. It has an all-in-one computer included and is upgradable with an external Color Doppler Imaging Module.


The iCart allows for easy transport, is height adjustable, and can conveniently be powered with the Powervar system. Ready with a lithium-ion battery, it can run for 4-6 hours on a single charge allowing you to download patients data of the modality worklist and move the system from patient bed to patient bed, without needing to power down and power back up.

  • Digital DWL Doppler technology with superior signal and image quality, including Doppler M-Mode
  • Measurement range up to 1,200 cm/s
  • Multi-depth display with 9 Doppler spectra windows
  • Individually extensible via program options and upgrades
  • For connection to an external computer
  • Easy for transport and use on iCart’s inclusive all-in-one computer system
  • Doppler-BoxX on iCart for the use of TCD in ICU
  • External Color Doppler Imaging Module option available