Multi-Dop X

High-end system with complete configuration options for increased use in science and research

The state-of-the-art complete system.

DWL Doppler technology in a fully comprehensive configuration. The system’s broad range of uses reveals itself through a consistent practice-based operating concept. A fully adjustable 22″ monitor along with an ergonomic system cart with rotatable and extendable operation cockpit and freely programmable touchscreen remote control, make for fast and intuitive access to all functions.


The Multi-Dop X has been developed as a system designed for complex applications in detecting and differentiating emboli.


Additional software modules for functional tests, such as CO2/VMR or Evoke Flow to carry out cerebral autoregulation examinations, a fully integrated CO2 module or external Color Doppler Imaging Module, are available options. The system is increasingly used in science and research. The option of a fully integrated CO2 module allows reliable statements regarding cerebral autoregulation.

  • DWL Doppler technology with superior signal and image quality, including Doppler M-Mode
  • Complete solution with individual extensibility
  • Individually extensible via program options and upgrades
  • Optional Integrated CO2 Module
  • Optional External Color Doppler Imaging Module
  • High-resolution LCD monitor, full rotation and tilt
  • Innovative control panel with remote function