Probe fixations

Our product range comprises four different probe fixations. With the size-adjustable DiaMon, the elastic headband, and the LAM rack or adhesive sets, probes can be safely attached to the patient. All supports are specifically developed for DWL probes and can only be reliably and multifunctionally applied with those. DiaMon can be applied with both handheld and monitoring probes. DiaMon, elastic headband and LAM set models with monitoring probes are optionally available with Click&Stay or screw-topped probe fixation.

The DiaMon is particularly suited for examinations on patients who are awake. It was especially developed for functional monitoring and physiological tests. As it is comfortable to wear, examinations lasting several hours can be carried out without any problems. The DiaMon is size-adjustable to the forehead, top of the skull, and back of the head. As the DiaMon does not include any metal components, it is specifically suited for radiological applications.

DiaMon with monitoring probes

DiaMon with handheld probes

LAM rack
The LAM rack is a lightweight probe fixation made of metal and is particularly robust. Its fixation point is on the bridge of the nose and it is kept firmly in position by two earplugs. The particular advantage of this support lies in the fact that there are no fixation components at all on the back of the patient’s head. Therefore, it is especially suited for use in operating theatres and intensive care units. There are four different LAM fixations for different applications: standard monitoring, carotid surgery, neurosurgery, and nose operations. Every LAM fixation is supplied in a set with two sizes.

Elastic headband
The elastic headband is particularly suited for patients who are awake. It is made entirely of silicone and is therefore very comfortable to wear, even for prolonged periods. The silicone bands for the forehead and for the back of the head are adjustable in size. A particular advantage of this fixation is that the headband is available in two sizes and can be sized as small as possible for head circumferences as small as 43 cm. The headband does not contain any metal components and is therefore suited for radiological applications.

Adhesive sets
Adhering the probes to the patient is an alternative method for attaching monitoring probes in intensive care units, stroke units and operating theatres as well as for prolonged monitoring of unconscious patients. As all components are made of plastic, they can, like the DiaMon and the elastic headband, remain attached to the patient during X-ray, CTG, and MRI examinations.