Additional Accessories

External Color Doppler Imaging Module
With 5-12 MHz linear array probe to conduct carotid duplex measurements in the B-mode, in the Color Doppler mode and in the Triplex mode.


Touchscreen operating unit
The freely programmable operating unit, with a 7 inch/17.78 cm touchscreen for the Multi-Dop X, has a shock-resistant housing and allows particularly comfortable and efficient working.


Remote control
With the aid of the multi-functional remote control, all essential functions can be controlled during Doppler examination.


Foot switch
The freely configurable foot switch is connected to the system via USB and allows the control of up to four system functions.

Note: Merchandise for resale.


System bag
Available for EZ-Dop, Doppler-BoxX and Doppler-BoxX1, including accessories and cable.



Our authorized distributors will gladly inform you about additional accessories.