Quality Made in Germany

Growth needs roots
Our headquarters in Singen, near Lake Constance within the border triangle between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, geographically reflects the two main aspects of our self-image: on one hand, strong roots in the German engineering tradition, and on the other hand, a view beyond the national horizon to the global practice of Doppler Sonography. Our work is characterized by the autonomous commitment of every team member and by our innovative strength, for which we received an award as a Top 100 Company among German SMEs in 2008.


At home in 120 countries
Currently, more than 10,000 DWL systems in more than 120 countries reliably do their duty every day. This is proof of the trust that DWL Dopplers enjoy worldwide among specialists in their respective fields. Our distributors’ practical experience goes directly into our development via a worldwide distribution network. In that way, we are constantly working on designing our systems to be even simpler and more flexible to use and to enable more precise and reliable results, both in routine diagnostics and for monitoring.


Always a step ahead
From the first DWL Doppler for bilateral transcranial monitoring in 1992 through the constant ongoing development for detecting and differentiating emboli to the digital Doppler technology at the highest technical level, our international system of experts has always managed to set standards. In this process, not only has the existing technology been perfected but also new, innovative applications have been developed for Doppler Sonography.


Quality has top priority at Compumedics Germany
The quality of our work is measured against the practical benefit that our products and services provide for the user in daily use. For this reason, we maintain a comprehensive quality-assurance system, which ensures that all organizational, commercial and technical activities that have effects on the quality of our products and processes are planned, controlled and monitored.

Compumedics Germany GmbH and its DWL products are certified and approved pursuant to:

Quality system compliance
Design and development, manufacture, sales and distribution, installation and service of medical devices for ultrasonic diagnosis and ultrasonic monitoring.

EC complete quality-assurance system Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices (MDD), Annex II without (4) (devices in classes IIa, IIb or III).

VDE Verband für Deutsche Elektrotechnik (German Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Information Technology Association) Examination and certification of electro-technical devices, components and systems.

FDA 930 485 Food and Drug Administration USA Review of the FDA regulations regarding the protection of public health.

NRTL National Recognized Testing Laboratory Certification service for electronic products for the North American market.

Country specific: Certification procedures for other countries, such as China, Brazil, etc


Gerold Widenhorn, Founding Member of DWL and Head of Development

“Made in Germany” is known as a synonym for excellent quality around the whole world. For us, “Made in Germany” is a quality promise. And we work every day to deliver this promise.