Multi-Dop T

Complete unit with touchscreen and keyboard

Dynamic. Extremely versatile.

Multi-Dop T is DWL Doppler technology in a complete design. As a result of its intuitive operating concept, the comprehensive performance range can be used in a fast and safe manner at any time and in any situation due to the touchscreen with tablet function or the detachable wireless keyboard.

The Multi-Dop T is used for a comprehensive range of applications from routine diagnostics and continuous monitoring all the way to the detection and differentiation of emboli.


Additional software modules for functional tests, such as CO2/VMR or Evoke Flow to carry out cerebral autoregulation examinations, a fully integrated CO2 module or external Color Doppler Imaging Module, are available options.


The Multi-Dop T cart based solution is easy for transport, height adjustable and simple to use at patient bedside. On a GCX Cart, the system offers a special configuration for hospital use and for facilities who want TCD for use in outpatient settings or in the OR. It can conveniently be powered on with the Powervar system. Ready with a lithium-ion battery, it can runfor 4-6 hours on a single charge, allowing you to download patient’s data of the modality worklist and move the system from patient bed to patient bed, without needing to power down and power back up.


The TCD system can be easily removed from the GCX Cart and hand carried to the IR or used for research purposes.

  • DWL Doppler technology with superior signal and image quality, including Doppler M-Mode
  • Measurement range up to 1,900 cm/s
  • Multi-depth display with 9 Doppler spectra windows
  • Individually extensible via program options and upgrades
  • Integrated touchscreen with tablet function
  • Highest quality audio speakers
  • Detachable wireless keyboard
  • Optional Integrated CO2 Module
  • Optional External Color Doppler Imaging Module
  • Compact and portable
  • TCD Cart Based Portability
  • Special configuration for hospital use on GCX Cart

Note: The software module for emboli differentiation is currently not approved for use in the USA.