Multi-Dop X with Color Doppler

Complete solution with integrated Color Doppler module

Two methods, one solution.

With a Color Doppler Imaging module, the Multi-Dop X stands out as a system which combines DWL Doppler technology with the Extracranial Duplex method. In that way, both intracranial examinations with the DWL Doppler and extracranial examinations with the DWL Duplex are carried out in a fast and precise manner in one system. The broad range of application extends from extracranial duplex examinations through transcranial monitoring to the detection and differentiation of emboli.


A rotatable and tiltable 22” LCD monitor as well as the system cart with a rotatable and extendable operating cockpit and freely programmable touchscreen control unit and trackball allow especially comfortable and efficient working. The imaging module is fully integrated and is thus controlled via the operating elements and the application software of the Multi-Dop X.


In addition, the Multi-Dop X offers the option of a fully integrated CO2 module.

  • DWL Doppler technology with superior signal and image quality, including Doppler M-Mode
  • Complete solution with individual extensibility
  • Individually extensible by programme options and upgrades
  • With integrated Color Doppler module
  • High-resolution LCD monitor, full rotation and tilt
  • Innovative control panel with remote function

The Color Doppler module is currently not yet approved for the USA.