DWL application software

with Doppler M-Mode

Modularly extensible. Consistently user-friendly.

The comprehensive performance range extends from routine diagnostics through continuous monitoring and detection and differentiation of emboli to functional tests such as CO2/VMR or Evoke Flow. DWL software programmes have a modular design. That way, users always have the option of extending their system on site to include additional performance features and functions using programme options and upgrades.


Thanks to our in-house software development, we are able to respond to new requirements very quickly and offer you the best support at all times.


The Doppler M-Mode enables you to measure the entire depth range and thus find and analyse clinically relevant Doppler signals in an instant. Intensity, flow direction and depth information are represented in real time with up to 9 spectra windows available for different depths. Microemboli can, in the Doppler M-Mode, be observed through the different depths.


The DWL software has all the advantages of a modern application program from connection to your network to exchanging data with external devices. A clearly structured and intuitive software interface and the capability for user-defined configuration of the device settings, sequence programmes, automated labelling functions and reports provide you with optimum conditions for working quickly and effectively.


Each DWL system is equipped with a user-friendly patient database, which offers a wide range of different reports for documentation purposes that can be extended as required. Sound and spectral data can be exported at any time, used externally, and subsequently edited and analysed using the offline version.

  • In-house software development
  • Comprehensive performance range
  • Doppler M-Mode
  • Real-time display
  • 9 spectra windows
  • Intuitive user program
  • User-friendly patient database
  • Offline reader software
  • Export of the “real” raw data (open data format)
  • DICOM Interface
  • Advanced reports and structured reporting