Standards in documentation

Diagnostic reports

DWL Doppler offer the possibility to create various reports for diagnosis after a routine or monitoring examination. These contain an overview and summary of the measured relevant parameters and indices, which are provided in different formats.

Documentation for routine diagnostics

The routine software offers the following reporting options:

Standard reports are created as PDF and contain either all or a specified selection of spectra. In addition, there are various advanced reports, which either only contain the values of the selected spectra or can optionally be created as a so-called text report together with the spectra.


Special and relevant areas of application, for instance Vasospasm and sickle cell anemia, are available in optimized report types such as the Vasotrend Report for long-term observation and the Sickle Cell Report. In addition to the PDF format, reports can also be created in ASCII, OpenXML format and as a Word file for further processing by the user.

Documentation for monitoring

The following reporting options are available in the monitoring software:

For all applications in monitoring mode, i.e. Standard Monitoring, Emboli Detection, PFO Tests, Emboli Differentiation, CO2 tests and Evoke Flow Tests, reports can be created in PDF format. They contain wave and trend windows Doppler parameters, indices and evaluation results. In addition, the entire content from the marker list and the results entered are displayed.


As in the routine application, reports in monitoring can also be exported in ASCII format.


For comfortable transfer of patient data or for transfer in a structured report, the DWL QL software optionally offers a DICOM interface (digital imaging and communication in medicine). DICOM is an open standard for the storage and exchange of information in medical image data management. The reports created as standard in bitmap format can also be sent in PDF format.

The following report types are available to users:

Reports for routine diagnostics
Standard Report 1-6
PDF, OpenXML (.docx)
Standard Transcranial Report
PDF, OpenXML (.docx)
Standard Extracranial Report
PDF, OpenXML (.docx)
Full Extracranial ReportPDF, OpenXML (.docx)
Periphery ReportPDF, OpenXML (.docx)
Advanced Report I
PDF, OpenXML (.docx)
Advanced Report Ia
PDF, OpenXML (.docx)
Advanced Report II
PDF, OpenXML (.docx)
Advanced Report III
PDF, OpenXML (.docx)
ASCII Text Report short
ASCII Text Report advancedTXT
Vasotrend ReportPDF
Sickle Cell ReportPDF, OpenXML (.docx)
ABI ReportPDF, OpenXML (.docx)
Reports for monitoring
Standard Report PDF
Evoke Flow ReportPDF
Emboli Detection ReportPDF
Emboli Differentiation Report
CO2 ReportPDF